Horse Science · Hoof Science anatomy models have been freeze-dried in a vacuum chamber at sub-zero temeratures for at least four months. This process removes all moisture, preserving soft tissue for a very, very l-o-n-g time. No chemical preservatives are used.

Proper care includes keeping the model dry, keeping it away from dogs, and protecting it from household insects (moths) with a commercial clothing spray or by storing it in a sealed container with an insecticide. Scratches can be repaired with clear shellac. There is one other hazard. Friends and colleagues will try to borrow your model; have them call me instead!

--Allie Hayes

You must be completely satisfied with everything you purchase from Horse Science · Hoof Science. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

The fine print. The following is from United States Department of Agriculture, VS Form 16-4 Export Certificate- Animal Products:

The United States Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services has on file a notarized affidavit from Horse Science verifying the accuracy of the statements below:
1) Horse Science-Hoof Science equine and/or Bovine hoof/lower limb anatomy models are prepared entirely in the USA.
2) Establishment of production: Horse Science-Hoof Science, 54 Oak Ridge Road, West Boxford, MA.
3) Freeze-dried and skeletal lower limb anatomy specimens for educational use are prepared from cadaver limbs from Domestic Animals only.
4) The limbs are soaked and washed in disinfectant solutions containing Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% (Clorox) and Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides 0.8000% (Lysol). Specimens are promptly frozen and placed in a de-hydration unit where they are held at sub-freezing temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius) for a minimum of 3 months or until they are thoroughly dried. The finishing process utilizes small amounts of denatured alcohol followed by finish coats of clear shellac and commercial coat conditioner. The skeletal models are boiled (covered in water maintained at 100 degrees Celsius for minimum 8 hours), then bleached with 100 Volume hydrogen peroxide for a minimum of 12 hours, then coated with clear shellac. No other chemicals or preservatives are used in preparing these models.
5) Horse Science hoof/limb models are for educational purposes only. They are not for human or animal consumption. Product is not intended at any stage to be diverted for any use in food, feed material, organic fertilizers or soil improvers.

U. S. Customs Service Schedule B number: 9705.00.0090 (Tariff Code)

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