HorseScience Price List and Order Form 2019

Please print out our order form and Fax or Post it to us with check (USA only), money order (US funds), or MasterCard or VISA information. Do not Email your credit card number. If you wish to place your order by telephone, please remember that HorseScience is USA Eastern Standard Time.
Item Price Quantity Total
Special Order?      
Anatomy Chart-Tell It Like It Is (normal): (shipping included on charts) $6.00    
Anatomy Charts-Acute Foundered Foot: (shipping included on charts) $6.00    
Vet Special $185.00    
Hinged Hoof $155.00    
Educator Hoof $170.00    
Basic Sagittal $75.00    
Long Horse Sagittal Front (includes Carpus) $160.00    
Long Horse Sagittal Hind (includes Hock) $160.00    
Long Foal Sagittal Front (includes Carpus) $150.00    
Long Foal Sagittal Hind (includes Hock) $150.00    
Special Foal $300.00    
Hybrid Founder Hoof $225.00    
Basic 3-D Model $225.00    
Basic 3-D Model with magnets $275.00    
3-D Long Front -Horse $350.00    
3-D Long Hind -Horse $350.00    
3-D Long Front or Hind -Horse with magnets $435.00    
3-D Long Front -Pony $300.00    
3-D Long Hind -Pony $300.00    
Add a Little Color (do not include this amount when figuring shipping) $25.00  
Desktop Model (already colorized) $98.00    
Long Ultra Front (includes Carpus) $350.00    
Long Ultra Hind (includes Hock) $375.00    
Carpus(knee)(display stand included) (skeletal) $110.00    
Hock (display stand included) (skeletal) $110.00    
Magnetic Carpus (display stand included) (skeletal) $225.00    
Magnetic Hock (display stand included) (skeletal) $225.00    
The HorseScience CD ($30, price includes shipping) $30.00    
up to $100 $16.00 Shipping charges within continental U.S. only.
$100.01 to $150 $19.00 Outside U.S. contact us to determine shipping charges.
 $150.01 to $200 $22.00  
$200.01 to $300 $27.00  
$300.01 to $400 $35.00  
 over $400 $40.00  
Over $500 to be determined  Total=  
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Street or PO Box   
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