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NEW for Hoof Trimmers! Cow Hoof Models

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Anatomy Charts:

Normal Hoof

Acute Founder


Freeze-Dried Models:

Hinged Hoof

Educator Hoof

Colorized Educator

Long Sagittal-Pony

Long Front Sagittal-Horse

Long Hind Sagittal-Horse

NEW: Hybrid Founder Hoof

Desktop Model


NEW: Long Sagittal-Foal NEW: Special Foal !! New for 2015 the Vet Special !!

Skeletal Models:

Articulated Equine Skeletons:



Combination Models:


Long 3-D

We turned our slides/photos into a CD! Over 250 photo images are available on our new CD for $30, Postage & handling included! (Also available as individual lecture slides.)
Care and Preparation "How are these models made? How do I take care of them?"
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